Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding To Do:

...let me see what is next on the list of wedding to do's?

Okay so I think my day might be a bit better if instead of starting with the REALLY LONG list of to dos....I should look at the things I have DONE! At least this way I will feel a bit more accomplished.

Here they are people, check these things OFF:

  • act as the OVER JOYFUL BRIDE! ( I do this one very very well)
  • found the perfect romantic location to be married at
  • found the perfect date (June 26, 2010)
  • found an amazing travel agent to provide help with travel (that way I am not going crazy)
  • found the perfect photographer, Jonathan, to ensure our wedding bliss be captured
  • picked out the wedding ceremony we would like
  • spoke to the minister about pre-marriage counseling and officiating our ceremony
  • found the perfect save the dates to send out (currently in the process of getting them)
  • informed the wedding parties of our plans
  • bought my bridesmaids gifts
  • took our engagement pictures, which are amazing
  • made our guest list
  • currently gathering addresses (if you have not emailed me yours please do so, NOW)
  • set up a check off system to keep things organized on who does what when and how
  • have ideas billions of ideas for center pieces, welcome bags, and party gifts
  • read probably every forum on destination weddings out there
  • have an idea of the invitations I would like to send out
  • finally picked the colors (or at least I think)
  • think I know which flowers I want and how I want them to look (think only because I have to confirm with the wedding coordinator at the resort)
  • have emailed poor Miguelena (the resort w.c.) at least a dozen times thus far to answer may many questions
  • already bought the bubbles for our farewell as Mr. and Mrs. Roberts
  • picked out my cake (again to conf. with resort)
Okay so that is the list of things I have done or have in the works. I bet there are some things I forgot to mention...but who's counting, RIGHT! Let me see I guess the MAJOR things I have left to do are pretty major.


  • pick out the PERFECT wedding dress (yes I want a real dress not a short/tight destination wedding one)
  • pick out the bridesmaids dresses
  • confirm the grooms men's clothing
  • pick a honeymoon spot (not my to do but Chris')
Really I think if I only did the MUST DOS then the wedding would be just fine. However, you know I wont stop at fine. I like every other bride in the world want it to be AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, and MEMORABLE. Not only for Chris and I but for all who plan to join us.

Here is what I am asking for help on:

  • center piece ideas (something that can travel in a suitcase with us)
  • cute little random things I should know but don't because I am a first time bride
  • any amazing places to find a wonderful dress in my area (preferably not to pricey as well)
  • well...heck just ANY ideas you think would fit in to our destination wedding

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Kara said...

yes, i have a dress place. it's in dallas. i told abby about it.