Sunday, October 25, 2009

How much can you do in a day?

Well let me tell you....I have not had this busy of a day in a while. I mean sure I am busy most days but Saturday was crazy. The G-Clan arrived back to my place on Friday night. Chris and I spent the evening enjoying their company.

Saturday morning started off VERY VERY early for me! Normally Saturday is my day to sleep in, unless I have an early tennis match. However, this Saturday I was up and ready to roll at 5:30 am. Why? Well Chris has left Winston, Bob, and I until Wed. evening. He is off having a blast in the BIG APPLE. Actually as I type he is living life up at the Yankees game (it was suppose to be on Sat, got postponed to tonight due to rain). He is really there for business, however has a super sweet friend who got them tickets to the game. So here I am the good girlfriend (I always forget to say fiance) taking him to the airport to catch a 7 am flight! GOOD BYE SLEEPING IN!

After that I ran back home, got there around 7ish. Thought I would grab a quick cat nap till Abby, Brian, and the kids were ready to roll. Once they were up we were off! They brought Bailey dog to the house to hang with Winston...I am sure those two loved playing all day! We headed straight out for the "annual pumpkin patch" trip. Normally we do this on Friday night, but I begged Abby to do it Sat. morning. On Friday I had our Zoo field I knew I would be pooped! Pooped is an understatement!

BAD IDEA, going on Saturday...okay well honestly I think due to the high amount of rain we have had the pumpkin patch was extra crowded. I mean heck for the last 3 weeks we have had nothing but rain. Our good ol faithful pumpkin patch was not the same this year. It was half mud pit, half pumpkin patch. We did the best we could with the limited space and massive amounts of people. I hope that some where in there was a super picture. From the pumpkin patch we hit up lunch, then to the Rainbow place.

Don't even get me started on the Rainbow drama! That is for sure for another post. After the Rainbow place we had to head home for the "boys" (Bailey and Winston)! We let both boys out hung out for a moment then were off again. This time we were headed to SIX FLAGS! A certain Little Bear loves to go there...and B has become a major fan too! We really wanted to go on Sunday, but realized that the Cowboys game would impede on our fun. I mean who wants to be in that mess...not us! Instead we thought we would go before dark and see how much we could do.

We ended up getting to Six Flags around 6, and WOW! We season pass holders go all the time. I have not see this many people at Six Flags in forever. I mean we had to actually ride the tram from the parking lot, crazy. Once we were in the mob of people we headed to the kiddo area. Little Bear and Monkey had a blast. Little Bear loved playing the "Big Sister" role and taking him on all the rides. He got to ride pretty much everything. We ended up leaving Six Flags around 9....we had a little boy who was very tired. I know the rest of us were pretty tired too.

On the way home we stopped to get some food and drinks at Sonic. Come to find out the reason Six Flags was so out of control via the Sonic girl "It was GANG DAY". Apparently her mother works for Six Flags and she had the inside scoop. No wonder there were so many people and the whole Arlington Police Force! However, all in all we had a blast and never felt threatened. Guess they did their job then!

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