Monday, October 19, 2009

Cleaning up for....

loads of reasons. The first reason being we have guest coming this weekend! Who you may wonder? Well some of our favorite ones, the little ones, the four legged type, and the big ones too. Yeap Abby, Brian, Little Bear, Little Monkey, and BAILEY DOG are all coming to town. I would like to say they are coming mainly to visit us. However, that is not the case this time. They are here for business...with a little fun on the side. Abby of course has a hair appt (she just can't let her guy go!), then Friday they have their family Christmas cards (ie. why Bailey got to tag along this time), and Saturday is the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. When I told Winston his Auntie, Uncle, and cousins were coming to town he was pumped. Well until this happened!!!


No one likes a stinky host, so we had to clean that boy up!

Not to worry his father was quick to save him!

I am very thankful I happen to live in the town that offers all the needs of the G-clan!! Just think if I didn't live in a place that could offer hair, photographers or pumpkin patches of choice I would never see these people. Also another reason to be thankful is their up coming trip has allowed for Chris, Winston, and I to clean up.

With our up coming JOINING OF LIVES. (that's right people if you haven't kept up WE ARE GETTING MARRIED)...we must too join homes. What better time to start cleaning up and making space!  The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning out the garage and moving boxes around.  Then of course we had to decorate the house for fall.  We (as in I) finally placed the pumpkins outside!  I thought since Halloween was about 2 weeks out it would be okay.  I mean between the threat of heat and pumpkin smashers I would like the pumpkins to last as long as possible.  Here is the sweet pup sitting so nicely! 

Doesn't it just look like he is loving life!  Well remarkably enough he actually really does like to wear the bumblebee out fit.  I think it was the sitting and looking at me after about 20 shots he was annoyed with.  But you have to have the perfect one, well that is what I kept telling him anyways.  Be on the look out for a bee to show up in your mailbox soon!

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Abby said...

Can't wait to see you. The clan is soooo excited