Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If at first you don't succeed...

then try, try again! Okay so let me lay it all out there. Chris sends me a text yesterday that says, "they have a test (good citizen dog) tomorrow lets take Winston." I of course think "oh man is he read?" Chris is so stinking cute. He got home early today and ran Winston through everything. He and Winston were pumped. We get out to the testing site and find there is a large group. I being the very nervous mom was so worried. I mean all I could think was, please don't bark at the other dogs. Chris was a great daddy, walking Winston around until it was his turn.

They call Chris' name, he and Winston are up. He does amazing through the first part, then Number 9: stay and come when called. Winston did great...I mean he stayed, and stayed, and stayed. Then finally came when Chris called him (what felt like years was probably only 3-6 minutes) he came. Well the reality of it is folks, if you miss one you don't pass. Poor CHRIS, he was really heart broken. The whole way home he kept replaying it in his head. I felt so bad, I mean easy for me. I just stood behind the wall and watched. Well to be fair to Winston all the other dogs were at least 2 or more years old. He was the "baby" of the group. Plus he was an OUTSIDER. The location where we tested holds their own training. Therefore we were the newbies of the group. I am very proud of both boys...Chris did a great job keeping Winston focused. We will retest in a month or so and I hope PASS with flying colors.

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