Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I love the many ways

technology has allowed us to keep up with others. You know back in the "olden" days when it was someones birthday you would receive well wishes from the people close to you. By close to you I mean that live near by. Sure yeah you occasionally have that ONE amazing friend who REMEMBERS every one's birthday and sends the card. Got to love that super great friend, its the friend we all want to be right?

Gone are those days...and welcome to the world of CONNECTION! I have never felt more connected to ALL of my people than I do today. It all began this morning when I woke up to and email....from my sister! Actually it was her blog alerting me that she had made a new post. Little did I know that it was a post all about me!!! She had my niece think up 29 (ahh) reasons why she loves me! It was cute. (click here to read it)

Next up were about 5 or so text messages from my dearest friends. Personally I think that the new birthday card is a text from your friends. After the texts, came the emails....emails that my FACEBOOK is blowing up! My sister refers to it as myface...a combo of both myspace and facebook. Man how they have changed the world. I mean I got greetings all the way from current close friends, to college buddies, high school friends, and far away family members. I think it is so AMAZING that we have come this far in life. I mean really think of how it has changed your life anywhere from the simple Hi randomly from an old friend; to having everyone wish you birthday, or even send up some prayers for your current needs.

Therefore THANK YOU to all for the wonderful birthday wishes. You each made my day (which was crazy at school today) 100 times better than it could have been.

THANK YOU: Blogger, facebook, text messaging, and all other communication forms....BIRTHDAY WISHES ARE OVERFLOWING!!!

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