Thursday, October 01, 2009

Quick Trip...

This weekend Chris and I will be making a quick trip down to Houston. NO we actually are not going to see my sister and the kids this time (boo). Instead we are getting our engagement pictures done!! For some reason people think it is odd that we are going all the way to Houston. Well we have a super reason and it is called, Jonathan! If you recall back to my post from Chad's wedding, Jonathan took some amazing pictures. He is a wonderful photographer. He has kindly offered to take our engagement pictures. I am so very excited.

Jonathan was so sweet calling me on Tuesday to try and figure out what all I want from our session. I of cores told him EVERYTHING!! No really I was very nice and said well your the photographer. Then I was like well you know some nice pictures, some non-gay posed pictures, and some fun ones too. I don't think that is too much to ask...however, my sister says I am a little high maintenance! It needs to rock, since you only get to do this once too!! Okay so in order to not be HM, I have kind of been stalking Jonathan's page. I have gone through and looked over all his amazing pictures. I don't think I am seems that all the sessions cover these things. Jonathan I am sorry now if I am HM...but I am sure you will make Chris and I look AMAZING and IN LOVE! Oh wait we kind of already have that IN LOVE part covered. Yeah that we are getting our pictures done!!!

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