Saturday, November 28, 2009

210 Days

Well lets see there are only 210 days til the big WEDDING! Man oh man still so much to do. I have accomplished majority of the major things. However, you know there are a few BIG things still to do.

  1. Being oh um the DRESS!! I know I really need to just find the one I love. The girls and I are off to look again today!
  2. Invitations, well I think I know which style I like. However it is really a matter of narrowing it down and picking.
  3. Bridesmaids dresses, I think I still have a little time on this one. I will get serious around Feb. or March on this one.
  4. Cute beach wear. Of course I have to have some super cute beach wear for the wedding and honey moon.

Okay I think those are the big ones...I mean thankfully between mom, Abby, and I we have all the ceremony and reception details done! That was the best trip ever! If you guys come up with any great ideas or things I missed let me know. I would love the extra help. As of for now I must find the dress! YIKES!!

P.S. the wedding website is up to date with pictures from the trip (you can see the link on my sidebar). Also I hope to have resort rates and booking information on there by the end of next week. Keep checking back so you can book your room. What fun!

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