Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Always a blast when

mom, Abby, and I go on an endeavor.  This one started out funny too!  I picked mom and Abby up on Friday night from the airport.  We were heading out the next day to the Dominican Republic to do a SITE CHECK! (fancy words for checking out the resort for the wedding)  Of course we were hungry and stopped at our old faithful Rosa's!  Then we needed a few last minute items for the trip.  We found a near by Walgreens....oh my what a place.

This seemed to be the hot spot of some INTERESTING people!  There was a man (a special friend about 18-20 years old) walking around asking people to buy him a stuffed toy dog because his mom said no.  There was another army type man who kept trying to sell me his two 12-14 year old boys.  They were not amused at all.  Then an odd couple buying all their party supplies.  We got in line to check out behind the party supply people...  She had a rather large purse and the army man was behind us.  He yells out to the lady....Hey did you pack your suitcase for this purchase?  The lady kinda looks up at him, then at her purse....then pauses!  Next thing you know she is pointing to MOM saying, "well look hers is much larger....and she has carries it in a protective case!"  I just look at Abby and mom and bust out laughing.  Then we try to pay and get on with our night.  Yes, mom has a large purse!  And yes, she had it inside another bag.  However...her reason for having her purse inside the bag was so she could have 2 carry ons for the airplane.  Well, to Abby and I this was a logical thing.  Now to the random stranger I am sure it looked a bit odd!!!

Needless to say that was the be start to a fun trip.  The next day we arrived in Punta Cana at the resort.  We quickly ran to our room and began the "STALKING!"  STALKING of what?  WEDDINGS!!!!  We found one right away that was getting the finishing touches done.  The reception was right by the pool, which is what I wanted to see.  It was great that we just stumbled upon that.

Sunday was WEDDING-PALOZA!  We were all over the resort checking out all the amenities for each room and reception site.  We met with Miguelina many times, but have majority of the wedding planned.  That's is PLANNED, ceremony and reception.  Now don't start me on the honeymoon part! (Christopher get on it please)

After we finished up with Miguelina we took off for the beach.  The bummer part of our trip was it rained off and on the WHOLE time!  But we decided if your in the ocean does rain matter.  Plus this caused for some major crazy waves.  Let me tell you, I believe we were a great comic relief for the other guest.  We had a blast in the ocean jumping waves and messing around.  I think mom fell down oh gosh at least 30 times.  It got to the point that we were all laughing so hard we couldn't stand up.

On Monday we tried out a few of the FREE things there at the resort.  First up was boogie boarding!  Well let me say I have never in my life done this and DO NOT DO IT WITH A YELLOW FLAG!!!  What do I mean?  The resort places up flags based upon the waters roughness (is that the correct wording??)  Green- is what you would like, the waters are pretty calm.  Well RAIN+ROUGH WATERS=Yellow Flag!  The water is a bit rougher; you can get pushed and pulled around a lot more.  Needless to say this did not stop mom....then that meant I had to join in!  Abby, not a huge water sport fan!!! Someone had to make sure mom didn't die out there.  Leaving Abby to sit around and laugh her butt off at us.  We TRIED to boogie board...not very successful at all.  I think I spent more time getting beat up by the board from the waves as I tried to go out deep.  Mom did an okay job.  The huge waves coming at her stood no chance as she would plow through them.  I know for a fact that I got a pretty great workout with this thing!

After boogie boarding it was time for our FREE SNORKELING!  We had signed up the day prior which I strongly recommend.  They can only take 8 out at a time and since it was low season they had only one run a day!  Well we were given our gear then told to push the boat out and jump in.  Juan was our Captain for the trip.  He was a very good one since we were traveling around in YELLOW FLAG water.  Abby and I were a bit concerned, Mom had no worries at all.  (I think she is much braver than we are)  After a 20 minute ride past many resorts we found our area.  Everyone jumped in and began looking.  There were many wonderful fish and Juan brought dinner rolls to help bring the fish up.  There were plenty to see.  After our snorkel we headed home.  Our ride home was great till the end!  Juan yelled up, "Momma, you move to middle!" I had been in the middle and was asked to switch with mom. Then he yelled to the funny british guy behind us to "you hold on to momma!"  We were all like what is going on. Then his wife goes oh crap...I think this is PREPARE FOR LANDING!!  Here we are all holding hands (all 6 of mom, abby, and I  on the front row of the boat and the three behind us)  Juan guns it.....the speed boat goes flying up, Juan is people on the beach move out of the way!  We LAND!  Now we all have to pile out...sure enough as mom goes to pile out a wave hits the boat and away she goes.  FALL NUMBER 40 (or something like that)  The guys are all freaking out, but she is fine just lost her footing.  The whole thing was a blast!

Mom, Abby and I had the best time.  You know the three of us really don't take GIRL trips like this!  I am so happy with my wedding resort choice.  I am happy that us girlies got to enjoy the fun of the "site visit".  It was the best, QUICK trip ever.  Plus my whole wedding is practically done, yes less stress there.  Now if only I could pick a dress!

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Abby said...

so much fun. And the protective case, still makes me laugh out loud!!