Friday, November 27, 2009

Done...what a day!

You know when you begin your day at 3 am you feel much more accomplished. So as I stated very early this morning we were up an at them looking for the deals. Last night Abby, Brian, and I really didn't think we "needed" anything. However, I did have a few things I wanted to pick up at Target and they wanted to hit up Best Buy.

Off we were ready to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! We dropped Brian off at Best Buy so he could walk in right at 5 am. Then Abs and I hit the Target line. We were in line right before 5 am and the line was 7 stores long....crazy! Normally we would hit up the line a little earlier if there was an item WE REALLY needed. But since we could live without the things we were going for we got there at opening time. We were a little sad we didn't get the super cute reusable shopping bag they passed out though.

Anyhow we made it in and took off for the items we wanted (not to be named due to the fact that they are GIFTS!!!) I hit my corner, Abby hit hers, then we met at luggage. I wanted to grab some new 4 wheeled bags for the wedding. I think it will be much easier to push a bag and carry a huge wedding dress. Then drag my 8 year old luggage behind me. Well we were sad...IT WAS GONE! Oh well we tried. Then we went to get some Christmas lights they had one sale. YES! We got all we needed. Now it was a matter of just waiting to check out.

After Target and Best Buy we were off to Home Depot. I needed to grab a few gifts for this really nice boy I know. But while there we found some great deals. Poinsettias for 99 cents....very pretty ones. Also some selves for the garage that are very needed! Now the problem was to load the car up. We had already bought so much...Poor Brian was having to find the best way to pack. Of course he did it like a pro! It was only 6:45 and we had achieved so much. I love it!!!

Next stop were the smaller stores....just for the few little things. Plus they are stores that open a little later so you can hit the big ones and those! We got the ornament from World Market, which is super cute! I got all the items I needed at Tuesday Morning, probably one of my favorite ones. I got an electric throw blanket so when Chris FREEZES me out I will have a nice warm spot. My list was COMPLETE!! Also we hit Toys R Us for a few small non door buster things. YES, check off everything I needed!!!

The rest of the day was spent at the Galleria shopping and making some returns that Abby needed to do. Brian, Abby, and I had the best good time like always. We got to enjoy watching all the people. I think that is a fun part of Back Friday! You can see all the people running around grabbing things. It is a blast. Finally at about oh 4 pm we arrived home to the little ones. They were out playing on B's new play set! I am pretty sure by the looks of my dog.....they played outside all day long! He was just a bit muddy, but I know he had a blast. As I type he is passed out in my lap...those kids sure can wear him out! NOW TO BED!!!

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Kara said...

Glad you got all that you needed.

What? Abby had to make a return. I don't believe it! :)