Sunday, November 01, 2009


Wiggs, Alison, and Julie (not pictured Erin, Polly, and Kat)

Who needs Trick-or-Treating when they have WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING to do? Yes, probably not the most normal thing someone would do on Halloween. However, for me and the girls it sounded like a great plan! I love my sweet friends. They are amazing!!! (as if I haven't said that before)

Julie and I had chatted about needing to look at dresses...and probably sooner rather than later! Well with my semi-busy schedule lately it seemed that this weekend would be great. I am not sure why, but for some reason I have been very excited to do all the wedding planning, except dress shopping. I am going to blame that on the fact that I really just do not like to shop for clothes. I mean I can do some major damage there, but that is about it!

Needless to say my friends are a bit tired of me NOT wedding dress shopping. Therefore, Julie took it upon herself (after checking with me on days and time) to set up an appointment for DRESS SHOPPING! After my early morning tennis match I rushed home to shower for the big event. However, there was a small set back....Alison texted me at about 11 ish to tell me that a power transformer by my apartment had blown. The police were not allowing anyone over to the area and we had NO POWER! Well a small detour and great friends made my "look" work. I then headed to Chris' for a place with power...and Erin and Alison brought me some needed "non tennis" clothes! Then we were off!!!

We had a blast, it was not as painful as I thought! I mean come to find out trying on a wedding dress takes some major skill. Really there is an ART to it. I think that I probably tired on oh about 15 or so dresses...and the girls were great. They took each dress into consideration and spoke up. It was funny because Wendy (my wedding dress wonder woman) and I would chat about the dress prior to my showing the girls. Then when I walked out the girls would have these smiles...and look and say turn and look some more...then the likes and dislikes came out. Wendy and I would then go back in and laugh at them for all there crazy comments. We had a blast! I really could have never accomplished the task with out my girls! Thank you for giving me some of your Halloween. Oh and sweet Kat (Polly's daughter) thank you for coming and helping too. I know for a 2nd grader wedding dress shopping is probably not ideal on Halloween, but you were a trooper. Plus I loved all your input just as much as the others!

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wiggs said...

I look tired in this picture... but at least our heads make a check mark against the lovely background :) As always, glad to be of service! And thanks for letting us be a part of it all. Can't wait for the big day!