Sunday, November 22, 2009

Old McBrooks had a Farm....

and on his farm he had pigs, cows, chickens, eggs, and don't for get the bounce house. Okay so there was much more on his farm....but to list is all is crazy. Yesterday was Sweet B's birthday, his is 2! I just can not believe it. I mean wow how time goes so fast...just 2 years ago at this time we were all hanging out in Houston waiting on that little guy to come.

Here we are now watching him LOVE every second of his birthday. My sister as always did an amazing job with the decorations and such. Mom, Winston, and I all arrived to help out late Friday night. Abby had done most of the prep done prior to our arrival...but we still had a few things to work up. Come party time the place had been transformed into a FARM!!!

Although the Farm had suffered much rain the days prior....we had a back up plan. The grand bounce house had to be placed on the driveway but all in all it was AMAZING! B had a blast...that boy was non stop running the whole time. He enjoyed every minute of his birthday from the moment he woke up.


What a great family pic...

B loving on Winston!  They have such love for each other!
For a more detailed look into the big birthday bash you can check out Abby's blog here.  She will have many more pictures I am sure! 

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Abby said...

Thanks for all the help Auntie! What in the world would we do if you weren't here to help us!! Of course we love WINSTON too!!