Monday, November 30, 2009

Finally the feeling

has arrived. What feeling? The I think this is the dress for me feeling. Last weekend after Little B's birthday we stopped by another wedding dress shop. This time I had mom, Abby, and Little Bear with me. We had a great time trying on dresses. It was funny to see Little Bear pick what she did and did not like on each dress; some where not puffy enough, others not sparkly enough. She was pretty cute.

We managed to get through about 6 or so dresses. However, there was one we liked best. Sadly in the middle of trying them all on mom had to head out for her flight. She did get to see the dress we liked best which makes me very happy. Abby, Little Bear, and I continued to try on other dress to confirm we loved that one best.

Therefore, I was stuck...I mean I had found a dress the week prior here in Dallas that I liked pretty good. Again keep in mind I like them all...non are like "PICK ME, PICK ME". I tried to describe to Abby and mom what the other was like to see if they would think it was better than this one. Now it was time to rally the GIRLS.

Friday, I called the Arlington store to see if they could pull up my information from my Houston visit. The lady assured me that they had my information and the 2 dresses I liked best. I then set up a late afternoon appointment for Saturday (this way I could drug sweet Winston and then drive home). Once I finally got back to Fort Worth the girls and I drove to Arlington. I was so excited to show them this dress. I mean they saw the first dress so could help me compare the two.

When we arrived at the store they pulled up my information. Then there was a long pause.........."Well we only have one of your dresses in the store today." WHAT!!! DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH!!! I kindly stepped back and thought about how I would approach this without sounding like a BRIDZILA.

  1. I had called to confirm that they did have my information and dresses the day prior
  2. I just drove all the way from Houston to try this dress on for my friends.
  3. The sale on my dress was ending the next day...and if it is not here how can I confirm and by this dress prior to the sale ending!
  4. Were there any other stores close with the dress?
The wonderful manager lady got on the phone and began to make calls. The sad news about this is that both of the other stores are FOREVER away, in Frisco and Garland. That would require at least an hour more of driving and it was almost closing time. I stood and waited to see if any of the other stores had MY DRESS!
(The store I am at is a new one, only open now 3 they are still waiting on some of their dresses to arrive.)

YES!!! The Frisco store had that is when I told the lady well I could never make it there to try it on. How are we going to fix this problem? I said, "Can you maybe borrow it just for an hour or so?" The sales associates all looked at me like I was CRAZY! I think one actually laughed. Apparently the stores do not "share" with each other. The manager asked that I try on the other dress while she worked this out. I did...but it was not the one I like best. The girls really didn't like it either.

Back to waiting......finally there was a solution. The manager is actually good friends with the Frisco manager and they worked out a swap. The Frisco store had this dress in 2 sizes and was willing to share one with her. Therefore I made another appointment for Sunday. I asked my girls if by any chance I could borrow them one more time. They were okay with it. WHAT SUPER GIRLS I HAVE!!! YOUR THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!

Up and ready to go...we are off for the store again. Alison and I both wondering if they really will have the dress when we arrive. Sure enough I walk in and they say, "Your dress is waiting." YES!! IT IS HERE!!!
I go in and get all set. Then I walk out to show the girls....they all LOVE IT!! Now for the real question. Compared to the other dress (from 2 weeks ago), which one do they like best? Alison had seen both and liked this one best. Wiggs had only seen this one and like it. Polly had seen both and said this one for sure! I too LOVED IT best. I mean I really loved it secretly prior to showing them...but I feel better knowing that others love it to.

Of course I had to wear the dress for a little bit to confirm that I LOVED IT! It was funny. Then Alison is so stinking cute, she made me say on video the 5 reasons I loved this dress. She claims that this will help me remember in my older years why I picked my dress. Here are my reasons: (of course without giving away details...Sorry Chris you will have to wait)
I hope I can remember what I said:

  1. That I loved both the top and the bottom of this was not to flat.
  2. The train is not too long, thus creating a sand dun as I walk down the isle.
  3. That is is not too heavy for the beach, it is just right and a real dress.
  4. That the sweet manager met in a parking lot to make the "trade" so I could try it on. (Who else gets that story?)
  5. I actually feel like a bride in it.
There you have it...I can now CHECK wedding dress off the list. My mom and sister both very happy I went with the choice I did too. I know it is not suppose to be about how others feel...but I love knowing that others love it too, not just me! YEAH I am so jazzed. Now I just have to wait 13 weeks to put it back on again.


Abby said...

Love it. Brian wanted me to tell you he told you "it was the one"! So glad you said "Yes to the dress"

Sabina Sage said...

I LOVED IT...LOVED IT...LOVED IT!!! Even with the retarded face! Your going to look AMAZING!! Im jealous!

Im SSOO counting days till Christmas break! But I always love seeing you!! =) You rock!!