Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow, Cookies, and Santa TOO!

Things have been busy here in Amarillo as normal. We normally spend the last few days doing a few of our favorite things.

  • Making Christmas Cookies
  • Taking E and B shopping for mommy and daddy's gifts
  • Wrapping up the final gifts
  • Setting up for good old Saint Nick

did I mention.....Winston LOVES the snow,

and the kids do too!

We were lucky enough to have arrived just prior to the big snow. We had about a day of shopping in semi nice weather...but then the million mile per hour wind and snow! Thanks to the wonderful "snowy" weather dad got off a little early. We spend Christmas Eve out shopping as a family and getting ready for the big guy in RED!

Little B decorating his first cookie!

what a wonderful job done by all

Little Bear with her cookies, milk, and note!

We all really enjoyed making Christmas Cookies....This was our first year to make cookies without my sweet grandma. Normally she is the one running the show, however we did it on our own at the house. Little Bear really enjoyed the whole cookie making process this year. She was a great decorator. Little B is still a little to small although he did try to help out as much as possible. Soon after cookies were finished Little Bear set them out for Santa. She also left him a very sweet note.

A small person trying to sneak a peak at the Santa goodies!!

The happiest girl around!!!

Of course one can imagine what the next morning was like.....PRESENTS, PRESENTS, PRESENTS EVERYWHERE!!! Little Bear got all she could have asked for from Santa. B got a super awesome tent and TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS! He loves trains these days. The rest of us enjoyed watching all the Santa chaos begin. We finished off a super Christmas day by visiting grandma and eating dinner with her. Then a quick trip through some very pretty Christmas lights. Oh what fun Christmas is for we must catch up on some sleep as we are off VERY early to get some good deals. Our second favorite shopping day!!! THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!!! Hope your Christmas was just as wonderful as ours.

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