Sunday, December 13, 2009

Talk, talk, talk....

all Chris does is talk!

Okay lets go back a few years umm 2004. I was a much younger gal then, just graduated from OU and living 2 stop lights from Abby, Brian, and E. This time of my life was spent joyfully in the arms of a sweet little girl....Little Bear. I was the "nanny" to my niece while Abby and Brian worked hard. Therefore allowing me to be a part of their FIRST vacation away from their sweet new baby girl. Well one would normally love to help a person plan their vacation...but this planing was a beat down, much as my last 2 weeks with Chris has been. (keep reading you will see why)

Every night at dinner Abby and Brian would talk about the cruise they wanted to go on. Each night they had a new ship, new destination, or new WORRIES! I mean I totally understood they were nervous leaving E at such a young age, but come on. You see this "cruise vacation" planing went on for at least 2 1/2 months...talked about EVERY SINGLE day. Abby would come up with random reasons why she didn't like one ship; Brian with new "cheaper" prices. I finally was fed up with all the cruise talk, and put my foot down. I told Abby and Brian I was DONE!!! I didn't want to hear about their stupid cruise trip planing anymore.

As of last week I found my new "CRUISE" talk issue!!! This time is it not about trips but CARS!!!! Chris has begun to have the "new car itch". I of course told him I would really like to talk about it before he ran out and bought a new one (I will probably never say that again). Therefore I thought we could have a simple chat about which cars he liked, why he needed it, and so on. Little did I know! The first couple of days, he simple pointed out every car he liked. Then as car ads on tv were showing, he would long for that car or the features it had. Finally he had found a car he really like the Genesis. (I thrilled we had it narrowed down some).

From here he began to stalk out the best deal at each dealer. He had found 2 dealers in the area and began to price match between them both. Every night we had to discuss who was going to give him what discount for the car. Then we had to research on-line what colors and interior and such he liked best. We would test drive and analyze. Then he would flat out tell me what he wanted to do....but ask what I thought. If I did not see it like he did; I would get the full run down of his "logic" behind why. Finally on FRIDAY I had had it!!! I told Chris just to go out and get which ever car he wanted. I mean I will not be driving it, so it is about what he loves best.

The sky above opened up on Saturday morning and let out a huge "HALLELUJAH!" Chris did it he bought the car he was dreaming of for many nights now!!! He is now a proud owner of a Black Genesis 2009, and loving every minute of it too. The best part is now I just get to hear how much he loves the thing!!!

oh and Winston loves it too...

sorry it was a little sunny..


Kara said...

My uncle has the exact same car! You will have to tell Chris that he needs to pop the Hyundai stuff off the car and order the "Genesis" ones from Korea. Apparently all over the world they are sold with this Geneis symbol but not here because it is too close to Bentley's. My uncle has the Genesis ones that he ordered from Korea and everyone believes that he has a Bentley!

As you can see from my Friday's post, I'm not so much a talker, but a do-er, so I feel your pain!

Chris said...

You inspired me. I bought one today and it is in the mail. Did your uncle have it put on or did he do it himself?

Melissa said...

This whole story cracks me up. Chris does not change. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I just bought the Hyundai Accent. It is a great car too! Faster than you'd think. Where do you order those stickers? I'd like to change mine out too.