Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas...a little early

Our Christmas tree

You know there a few things that still amaze me about Mr. Roberts! Honestly, the man is pretty interesting but I am amazed at his lack of surprise! I still to this day can not believe he was able to fly on an airplane with me, then spend a couple of days with me, and not bust the proposal! I mean he can not stand to keep a secret. The second he gets a gift for someone he is ready to pass it out...even if it is not time. Thus leading me to my post tonight.

We both spent Thanksgiving with our own families this year. I am sure that is how Christmas will be too. You know it is our last "single" holiday season...why not spend it with the family then worry about how it will all occur next year. Needless to say that also allowed us to do our Christmas shopping for one another. Chris arrived back home here to Fort Worth on Monday night. He was so excited because he had my gift all ready to go. He put it in the closet...I had his in my car. I said don't look in the car and I wont look in the closet (oh and I am too short too!). We both were cool with that and went on. I continued to decorate the house for Christmas. You know it is much more fun to decorate a house rather than an apartment.

On Tuesday Chris decided that he could wait no longer...I HAD TO OPEN MY CHRISTMAS GIFT! I mean he was a crazy man...kept talking about it. I said what it is only Dec 1st...that is against the rules in my family. I mean we don't even get to open a gift on Christmas Eve. After my many reasons why we should wait I could see I would not win. Therefore leading me to open my gift on DECEMBER 1st!!!

I was so EXCITED!!! This gift was amazing and just what I would want if I could have anything! He is such a great fiance...I mean he really does know me well. He gave me the Nikon D3000 plus and extra lens! Can you believe it? I am all set, I now have my every day camera (the one Abby gave me...I love it!!!) and now my fancy camera for "special" events and needs. Of course I am the happiest person in the world, only to find out the real reason this silly man wanted me to open this present. He would like to take it on Saturday to the Nebraska vs Texas game. Oh and he wanted me to have it for Christmas so I could use it.

PS: Chris liked his gifts too...but they probably were not as cool! :-)

Here are a few pictures from the new fancy camera: (the top pics are from the everyday camera)

What a sweet face!

Merry Christmas

The sweetest guy around

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