Saturday, December 26, 2009

The last one apart....

Well I can say that this is Chris and I's last Christmas apart. We thought since next year we will be married we should enjoy our final, family only Christmas. Next year we will be married and picking where to go? I can say I am very happy about sharing our Christmas' together...but a little worried about how to pick. I mean I don't want either family to feel left out. Nor do we want to miss out on the fun. I thus go to my blogger friends for HELP!! How? How do you pick? How have you made holidays flow so everyone gets to enjoy the season? (our family in Amarillo and his in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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Alexis said...

I can tell you what David and I do. We alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas. For example, this was David's parents Thanksgiving, so it was my parents Christmas. Next year it will be my parents Thanksgiving and his parents Christmas. For us that was the only way to make it work with our families living 12 hours apart. Also now that we have Will and one on the way, we try to make it as little traveling as possible.

It also works for us because David's sisters do the same with their respective families and so we are always together at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Hope you had a great holiday!!