Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Little Bear

Little Bear is my most precious little niece ever. I can hardly believe that she is already turning 6! I also can not believe we are not at Disney this year to celebrate it. I could honestly go on and on and on about you and how much I love you. However for the sake of all the readers I will simply tell you my top 6 reasons.

  1. You are the sweetest little girl I know.
  2. You are the best when it comes to fixing hair. I love what a great job you do.
  3. You and I have been like "two peas in a pod" since the day your mommy and daddy let me stay with you! We have our special bond!
  4. You are the most creative child I know. Who else is the best "Diaper Girl"?
  5. You love your sweet baby brother like crazy. You make sure everyone is nice to him and loves on him too.
  6. Oh and one to grown on.....You are the best little "Owner" to Winston ever.  He is so happy you love him like he is your very own!

I love you Little Bear! Happy Birthday....and look you even got snow the day before your birthday!

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