Monday, December 21, 2009

Where's your tacky Christmas sweater?

Our family picture!

or should I say Christmas outfit!!! My wonderful friends thought that this year we would celebrate all our December birthdays in style. Poor Alison, Hoobler, and Mike all have December birthdays that rarely get celebrated due to Christmas. Well let me tell you now...they will never forget this years birthday bash!

Alison is the one who made our party a theme "Tacky Christmas Sweaters" Therefore, for the past month we have all be scrounging around to find the "BEST of the BEST" for the party. For a few it was not that hard as they had many hidden deep in their closets. I however had to call in for help. Yes, I am going to thank my mom for never getting rid of our things! Thanks mom for keeping all of clothes! Mom was able to find some of my sister's rocking Christmas things from when she was about 10 or so. You know my sister is really tall so at that age she was about my size now. (wow I am really short...isn't that sad!) After mom brought me the "goods" I was so jazzed.

The Pooler's

Chris with the cute!

The Rowe's


The party began at the house. We had a great time, Abby and the kids were even there to see all the great looks. After a few adult beverages we headed out for our favorite karaoke bar. Well from there you can only imagine how the night went. We were a hit at the bar in our "Tacky Christmas Sweaters" We sang the night away and had a blast celebrating our dear friends birthdays.

Armenta and I

Alison and Chad

The Christmas Cuties singing it up....

Hoobler and I, we rocked the house!

oh and they loved my butt too!

Happy Birthday Hoobler!

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