Sunday, December 06, 2009

Welcome to Littlel Bear's Confectionery

The place was miraculously changed into an confectionery over night. Okay well it was very late in the night, since mom and I arrived much latter than expected. Abby had been very busy all week long getting ready for the big 6 year old party!! Let me tell you what the place was amazing. I know I said this what 2 weeks ago on Little B's Farm party...but man on man was it wonderful, even the snow couldn't slow her party ways down.

gum drops and candies hanging down

goodies boxes for the road

"the candy bar"

Little Bear had a gingerbread making party. When the children entered they were surrounded by candy galore. It was a first the little "makers" were a little shy. However, once they saw all the possibilities those plain gingerbread houses were transformed. Everyone had a blast! I mean who wouldn't have a blast eating candy and playing with it. It was a child's dream. Little Bear enjoyed every second of her BIG day! I just can't believe she is 6 already.

I have included some of the pictures but I am sure Abby will have many more on her site!

a quick pic....

a side view of the houses before

the set up...3 cups of candies and icing ready to go

Little Bear hard at work

oh now she is at the candy bar shopping around

can't you tell she is having a blast...look at that face

my masterpiece too

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Abby said...

Thank you so much for your help and all of your fabulous pictures!! Our confectionary wouldn't have been as sweet without you!!