Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yes, it has arrived!!! Birthday-palooza….it begins with me, which I quickly went past.  I tired not to even stop and celebrate but with my family that was hard.  Needless to say I begin the BiRtHdAy MaDnEsS! 

October: Next up is Timmy my new brother in law!  His October 16th!    Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0164The following day is my brother in law Brian’s birthday, on October 17th.   Fort Worth Oct 2010 273Then we have off about a week and a half before my sister’s birthday.  She is a “SPOOKY” baby, October 31st.  Holly cow this is just OCTOBER! 

Fort Worth Oct 2010 292

Moving in to November, the 1st would have been my grandpa’s birthday.  Chris will be joining me in the BIG 3-0 LAND on November 9th!! 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0081

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0297

Then we hit up sweet B’s 3rd birthday on November 21st.  He can tell you all about it, a TRAIN party!!  How perfect for him.

Fort Worth Oct 2010 302

Not but a few days after B is my wonderful mom. 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0372

December: we have Little Bear!  I can not believe she will be 7!! Wow how time flies.

Fort Worth Oct 2010 198

After Little Bear is the FATHER of the BRIDE’s big day. 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0205

Then it is one of my new sister in laws, Melissa’s birthday. 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0157

Finally the end of the month we have Chris’ father Steve!

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0165

Wheewwww I am worn out just typing all that.  Can you tell that my next 2 1/2 months is going to be crazy.  I didn’t even mention that Chris and I have to start figuring out Christmas gifts for family members and so much more!  Do y’all have any crazy birthday madness?  I have kind of already predetermined, WHEN (and no TIME SOON) Chris and I start working on a baby we will MAKE sure it’s not in the crazy BIRTHDAY season.  That is if we get a say in things, ha.

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Gouldsmith5 said...

You forgot Sami's birthday and mine...we were both born in the best month too! My birthday craziness for our families is in I feel your pain!