Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Death bed....or so it feels!


Okay I know you are so tired of hearing about my illness!  However, this bug has really kicked my rear!!  Yesterday I was trying to be a brave teacher and headed off to the troops just like normal.  No sooner had I made my way to work did I begin to feel the pain coming back.  I ended up having to leave before 10!  Thankfully the 3rd grade team has a compliance teacher (for non teachers...that is a classroom that has over 22 kids, they get an extra teacher to be legal).  She took over my kids till a sub showed.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing team at school.  They jumped in and just went with what they had left (which was not much).  I headed straight to the doc!  Lots of lecturing on how I was way to dehydrated, some new meds, and major rules on how much fluids I needed then out the door I went.  Headed home and slept for about 2 hours....then drank and drank and drank!  I promise you I am so sick of drinking that I could go crazy!

Today was a new day...I was actually able to eat food for the first time in 4 days!!  (FYI this has been a great diet, but painful too).  I did head back to work...I just can't leave my kids.  Although I now have 5 kids out with the same issues!!  Please bug leave our classroom NOW!!  Oh and did I even mention my poor tennis team.  They have been amazing too.  I have been scheduled for 3 matches.  One got rained out (thank the LORD), the other I had to opt out on....Thanks Mel for playing for me! Well needless to say "MOM" (our team captain) is going crazy; but good news I think I will be able to play that match tomorrow night!  YIPPEE!!  You know I am sick if I can't even play tennis, come on.

A little side note: I have to be better by FRIDAY!  I am going with a my sisters good friend Kara to see RYAN STAR!  I have never been, but am excited to get to go.  You can read about how Kara won tickets here.

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Kara said...

You and your sister with the dehydration!

Feel better by Friday!