Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bright ending to my weekend!!

Well as I am sure you could tell from my earlier post!  The stomach bug has hit my classroom.  I had tried my best to stay out of it...but it knocked me down for a couple of days.  I didn't feel well most of the week.  However on Saturday I really got the beating!!  Stomach cramping all day long!  I am thankful to have a FP doc in the family that I could call on!  I spend the whole day and all of today in bed.  I am so thankful though!!  CHRIS has been AMAZING!!  He has taken such good care of me, I couldn't have asked for a better hubby.  He "forced" me to drink fluids, not something I was thrilled about.  He went out in the crazy storms to get me crackers, soup, and meds.  Really he is the BEST!   He even ran some school errands for me....and tried to get me to blog!  I just didn't have that in me (you know I am sick for sure then).
On to the bright part....I received an email yesterday that said I was a WINNER!!!  Yes, I won another blog giveaway!  This time I won a gift card for CNS from Miss Arkansas Brides' Blog!!  She hosted this wonderful give away!  I am super excited too...I need to get some really cute picture frames for our wedding pictures.  Thanks Shanna!!  This was a nice ending to my weekend of I need to try and do some school work too!

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Anonymous said...

Glad I could help brighten up your weekend! Hope you feel better soon!