Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wonderful weekend

Chris and I had the most wonderful weekend.  We really enjoyed every second of it.  We began our weekend on the right track, if I don't say so myself.  Friday after school we met up and headed out for SPIN class!!  Yes, good old spin class.  Nothing like getting a major butt kicking to start off your weekend or end your crappy week.  After class we headed over to a local bar and watched part of the Yankees vs. Texas game.

Then Saturday the weather was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.  I had an 8:30 match, which went very well!  Our team won so that is always nice too.  Around 1 Chris and I headed over to the local North Texas Nebraskan's bar.  They have a watch party for all the Husker games at Flips in Keller.  We had a nice time there, minus the fact that the Huskers didn't do so well.  Plus we all HATE that Texas won!!! YUCK!!  After the game Chris and I did some shopping.  As you are aware I have been debating computers for a bit.  So well....we did it!  We bought a new computer!!

We are now the proud owners of the new MacBook Pro!!!  I am overjoyed with happiness.  I had full intentions of going in to the Apple store and just ask about all the functions and such.  However, we had the sweetest girl helping us.  She explained all the functions that I would want to use for blogging and such.  Chris was like heck lets just do it...I couldn't believe it!  But he has heard me hum and ha about this for a bit.  Not only did we buy it, but it was our Apple girls first computer sale.  That makes it even more fun for all parties involved.

Here we are making the transaction!!
Isn't it cute?

After buying our new Mac, we went home and picked up our pup!  Then took off for some family fun.  Of course Winston had to wear his Sooner gear since we were playing!

We went to the museum area to let Winston run around a while.  The area is wonderful and huge so he can run free.  Chris and I passed the football around while Winston played.  Then we went over to Montgomery Plaza and grabbed some yogurt.  They have the best selection and cheapest price.  Plus Winston can go and enjoy the area with us.  There were 2 dogs there dressed in "UT" gear!  He did his job and ran them off pretty quick.  We enjoyed walking around and munching on our yogurt.  The weather was super too!  What a wonderful day the 3 of us had.  I hope you all had super weather and great family time too!!  


Kara said...

so jealous of your new computer!

The Ham Family said...

Yea - so glad you went with a Mac! I'm only a phone call away if you have questions!

Heather said...

Nice to meet you. That is so cute you took a picture with the sales girl! How fun.
(Warning if you visit my blog my son is wearing a UT sweatshirt, but it is just to exasperate my father who attended OU. So don't hold it against me!)

Emilymud said...

@Gay I am so happy to hear I have a friend close by!!! Thanks and send me any tips you can. Although I have figured out some (very proud of my self!!)

@Heather: funny you would subject your child to that BURNT ORANGE!! Glad to see you stopped in...hope you got a laugh out of something here.