Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game 6 Rangers vs. Yankees!!

Okay so yes, Chris and I love the YANKEES!!  Well Chris' family have been Yankee fans for forever.  He has drawn me over to the Yankees side too.  Dilemma....Yankees vs. Rangers!  Why is this a Dilemma?  Well we live in Rangers Land, and yet they are playing the Yankees.  Chris was lucky to receive tickets to Game 6.  He was super JAZZED and I was pretty pumped too. We had amazing seats, right on the 3rd base line.   On Friday we headed out to the game.  I was the brave on in the family!  Brave in the fact that I wore my YANKEES shirt to support the boys!  Chris, well lets just say ummm not so brave.  He declared he would have to fight off all the Rangers fans on my behalf anyways.   We left early for the game, because we knew traffic would be pretty crazy.  We also got to enjoy all the buzz around the stadium.  Needless to say you all know how the game ended.  The sweet Yankees couldn't pull it off!!!  But man was it CrAzY when the RANGERS WON!!!  The entire stadium was shaking because so many people were jumping up and down.  Confetti was fly....EVERYWHERE!!   The RANGERS were OVERJOYED to say the least, and the fans as well.  It was a great experience even if our team didn't pull it off!  We are also kind of small Ranger fans too!  Plus it is fun that they have finally made it this far.  Way to go RANGERS!!  Here are so of the many pictures we took...sorry they may be a little Yankee heavy!!


DSC_0217.JPG'n my Yankees gear!!

Just before the game...




Later on we met up with Chris' sister Whitney and Hunter.  We joined them for the end of the game in Hunters families box.  It was fun to enjoy the game with them.  We always love seeing his sister...really we live so close we should see her more.




I have never seen so many people in the stadium before.  It was crazy there!!!


The moment after my boy JETER struck out!!  The party began....Look at the joy and excitement!



I am a bit sad because the picture of Chris and I didn't turn out very good at all.  But here he is with Whitney!




I have a thousand pictures of the excitement...but these are just the ones I like the most!


Anonymous said...

Cliff Lee one of the pitchers for the Rangers is from my hometown! All my FB friends status's were crazy Friday night...everyone was so excited!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

How FUN and how lucky you were!!! I am a HUGE Yankee fan...loved those pictures, especially the backside of Jeter! ;) I always sport my Yankee shirt to the game in NY or when they are out in LA!

Liesl :)