Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Okay so life is full of dilemmas, but recently I have been posed with a new dilemma!!!  As you have noticed lately my blogging well has been very RARE!  That is not by choice I PROMISE.  I actually have had many BlOgG-a-BlE moments.  Thus the dilemma…………….my COMPUTER!!!  Okay so it is on the fritz, last leg, or death bed as one would say!

Here I sit in a sad place as I am now faced with what to buy next! I have recently (okay for 3 weeks now) been searching for the BEST computer!

Here is what I am wondering?  Please help me out!!!  I mostly use my computer for: internet, blogging, and uploading my many millions (as Chris would state) of pictures.  I thus have begun to wonder if PC or MAC is the best choice?

PC seems to be an average 2 to 3 year lifespan for me….which can add up.  MAC starts off more costly, but may last longer? 

What type of computer do you use?  Do you lOvE it?  Have you had it longer than 2 years??  PLEASE HELP ME OUT! If you do have a MAC do your blog straight from blogger?  Do you have any problems blogging on the Mac?  Since I have a PC I use windows live writer (a bit more user friendly when adding pics and such)to blog from. Thanks in advance…I can’t stand this NON-blogging life I am living in currently!  Also I need to work on wedding photo books to save all our wonderful memories!   AH AH AH!!!


Abby said...

Love the new background. Here's my thoughts. 1. have your computer looked at, it could be fixable. 2. Mac's way over priced no extra life span 3. Get enough memory to actually facilitate what you are using it for.

Kara said...

Agree with your sis. Though I don't know that Mac is overpriced, it just really costs more than a PC (which is the only thing that holds me back...lack of $$$). There are pretty good Dells for cheap all the time and you can always pay for extra memory.

Anonymous said...

A tech guy in the Houston Chronicle just wrote about this Sunday. He said most of the time its not the computer but the software, junk, etc. on the computer. Back up all your documents then reset your computer to its original configuration (like bringing it home from store). Should run just like new, just have to do the updates.


Anonymous said...

WE LOVE OUR MAC! I will never go back to a PC. We were buying them left and right it seemed. We have had NO issues whatsoever with our MAC. It takes a while to get used to, but once you learn all the "tricks" it is actually very user friendly. I don't blog, but I can't imagine it would be an issue. And your pictures will look AMAZING on the MAC. I think you would really enjoy organizing them in iPhoto. I'm an Apple freak now. iPhone, MAC.... next purchase is the iPad. Just don't tell Eric :)