Monday, October 18, 2010

New ways....and pumpkins?

Okay so I am in search of a blogging program that will work with my Mac!  If you have any great ideas let me know.  I mean yes I can just use blogger but really....the picture upload makes me CRAZY!  I would like one that is user-friendly and easy to up load pics.

Speaking of pictures! I have some of our latest class project at school.  I will have to give my mom all props here!  She sent me the idea from her school and I have love, love, loved it every since.  Here is the quick version.  I send a manilla pumpkin cut out home with each kid.  They then must do what ever they can to disguise it.  When the pumpkins return they CAN NOT look like pumpkins!

Our class pumpkin patch! 

a clown, football with a field

 a "cat", spiderman
 lion, halloween truck
 a mouse, secret agent
 another clown, of course a Shrek
 a horse
 a pizza guy (some are a bit of a stretch!)
  a cat ballerina, a puppy dog
a puppy with a leash,  and a lion mask!

The fun is that the kiddos get to really be creative! They were all (except 2) very creative and took such great PRIDE in showing them off.  Love it!  My mom also does a turkey, but the pumpkin is my favorite!  (ps...the wall hangers are also an idea mom and I share! They are simple to make and the kids can hang their own work!)


Abby said...

Super cute!! Love the pumpkins, good work!!

Our Mac guy in the paper that is our source of all things apple says that he runs windows and then runs microsoft writer on it! Cause he says that mac doesn't have a good writer program. So if you can figure out how to do all of that!!

Gouldsmith5 said...

Very cute pumpkins. Our 1st grade teacher does with turkeys at Thanksgiving and then they write a story about it...It starts I am not a turkey....