Sunday, February 06, 2011

Coors Light Super Bowl Party!!

Coors light knows how to host and event!
The party was more than anyone could have imagined.

Here is how our nigh went: Keep in mind we really didn't know what to expect when we got to Billy Bob's.  I mean we knew we would see a concert.  When we arrived we were welcomed by 3 cowboys at the main door.  Then once we entered, we were given some FREE DRINK coupons~~Great job Coors!    After that we headed down to the stage area.  Coors did an amazing job of making sure everyone there was having a nice time.  There were "party girls" (for lack of a better word) all over the place.  Some where taking pictures (like the one I used in the last post), others to give directions and such, and then some to dance around if you needed a partner.  The Coors bars were set up everywhere making it easy to find your next beer too!

The cowboys welcoming us at the door
infront of the stage...

Chris with some of the "show girls" 
I found a good spot to stand, and well was there from 8 pm till 2 am!  I felt so bad for The Casey Donahue band!  They had a rough time making it to Billy Bobs last night from Alabama.  I have to give KUDOS to Coors again...for starting the concert off with a "hometown" band.  Just as they began to play Casey yelled out how nice it was to be is nice to show support for your local bands too!

Every performer was AMAZING.  I really didn't expect to see the ROCK STAR concert that we got.  I mean I expected about 3-5 songs from all performers.  SO NOT THE CASE!!!  Each one sang on and on and on....

After Casey Donahue it was Uncle Kracker!  He is funny as all get out.  I loved hearing all his old songs as well as his new ones.  Chris was even pumped because he knew quite a few of the songs.  (Remember Chris is not a Country Music boy) He did such a great job of keeping the very RoUdY crowd going!  Like any good Honk'e Tonk there were a few "issues" but non that ruined OUR night....maybe some others, ha!

I think this pic is interesting...with his tattoo! 
Finally the man I really was excited to see BLAKE SHELTON!!!  AMAZING, is all I can say really.  I mean there are not enough words to describe the show he put on.  He sang about 12 or more songs!  Not only did he sing all of my favorites, but he did some fun little "cover" songs too! He did such an outstanding job and told some pretty funny stories.  (get ready for tons of pics)

I love this pic...

Then he began my all time favorite song.... HOME!  While he was in the middle of the song, just before the duet part...out comes MIRANDA LAMBERT!  (His new fiance) She joined him to finishes the song...then continued to sing 4 more songs.

love this

Blake even gave her the stage for 2 of her own songs!  Wow, it was ROCK'N! I love how they sang together you could just SEE the LOVE!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G sums up our night out at the Wonderful Coors Light Super Bowl party.

Here Blake is passing the stage over to Miranda


Kim said...

You must have had an awesome standing spot, the pics are great and so close. Not bad for sending a text. Glad you guys had a good time.

Lp said...

I absolutely love them! So jealous that you got to hear all those songs!