Tuesday, February 01, 2011

SnOw DaY FuN!!

his shaggy hair is paying off today
Amazingly enough Chris woke me up this am and said that school was CLOSED!  I couldn't believe what he said.  I mean rarely do we miss school.  This was very exciting but yet sad news.  Now we will have to make up our day on Good Friday, thus the sad part!   Well needless to say it was a good call because all the roads were PURE ICE! (this snow day was already better than last year...when we had NO POWER for 3 days)

However that didn't keep us from having fun. Chris, Winston, and I all bundled up to go out and play.  Winston LOVES snow!  We think maybe he dreams of living in a very cold place.  Keep in mind we his owners don't dream of that.  Look at the happy little guy....

Did I mention he LOVE LOVE LOVES the snow!
the boys foot/paw prints
Nothing like a 12 degree walk! 
RUNNING like a CRAZY dog!

After playing in the snow, playing the WII, and watching tv we thought we would try and risk the roads.  They were bad but we stuck to the ones that most of the world had driven on....still not very good! Off we went to downtown very slowly!  Why?  Well, we wanted to enjoy the ESPN hype; and hang out with my other fellow teachers!  First stop was ESPN at 3 because they do a live show for Sports Nation.  We enjoyed watching, and being on tv when they panned out for commercials.  After being out in the cold, we needed to warm up a bit.

Courtney and Richard

That blue screen with the GB player is normally up in the air....due to the wind it had to be lowered! 

The girls working it and ready to S-C-R-E-A-M

Here we all are...I think I was the warmest! 

Chris having a blast...then it began to snow more! 

Part of the camera crew who enjoyed our "fun" with us
We had a blast and learned a lot about the shows.  I mean those poor guys were probably freezing to death.  They were sitting with heating blankets on, but it was still cold from there hips up!  I give them major props for a great job of NOT looking FREEZING cold!
see the blue heating blankets...and small heaters
Midway through our FUN out and about we found out that there is NO SCHOOL again tomorrow!  Yes, I will get to sleep in tomorrow too!  After a few more moment with the ESPN crew I forced Chris to leave.  I of course the driver...didn't want to drive in the dark because then the mush turns back to well ice.  We left the girls eating with the ESPN crew and headed home.  Thankfully we are about 8 minutes (on normal roads) from downtown....because the roads were HORRIBLE!  I can now see why we have no school tomorrow, just after 7 it was freezing back up.  If you head out be safe.  I recommend sitting under your warm heating blanket like I currently am!

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Jayme said...

Looks like you have no shortage of ways to spend your snow days. I'm jealous!!!