Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love...oh sweet love

This week has been all about love for people around the world.  Well, as you remember I am not one for participating in the "love" that is requested on the specific day (Valentine's day).  However, I was brought to Amarillo this week! My dear sweet grandmother has taken a turn down the path to heaven.  You know we were just in this place a year ago with my grandpa.  Grandma had a stroke about 4 weeks ago.  She seems to have taken a step closer to being with grandpa.  My sister's family and I made the trek to Amarillo on Thursday.  We wanted to spend time with grandma and show her our love.  Since we both live so far away...any chance to come home we take.
This was grandma and I back in September 2010...her birthday weekend!
The time here has been nice in the fact that we (mom, Abby's family, and I) have just sat and relived all the  wonderful memories.  Grandma has gotten to listen to the great-grand babies play by her side, us laugh about the funny things we have done with her and grandpa, and so much more! Although this is a very sad depressing time, it is also a wonderful journey that grandma is about making.  As much as I love having grandma here to share life is with a deeper love that we must let her know she can go!  I know she feels this as Abby and I both saw a sense of peace come over her once we arrived and were comforting her. She, much different than grandpa, has been very peaceful on her journey.  Thus allowing us to be more joyful for her.  Plus we know that her 2 favorite people are waiting for her arrival!

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