Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yes, it is WEDNESDAY again already.  Funny thing is that this Wednesday actually arrived with SUNSHINE and NO SNOW!  Although missing one (or more) days of school was nice...being back to our routine is wonderful too!

Here are my LOVES of the week:

❤❤ I am loving the tulips that Chris brought home to me on Sunday!  They have just begun to open up and look amazing! (Fun tulip fact...they are one of the only flowers that continue to grown once cut)

❤❤I am loving that I am finally back at the gym!  I love that I have returned to my old ways...SPIN CLASS!

❤❤I love that my sweet husband is fine with the fact that I DISLIKE VaLeNtInE's dAy.
I love that he is a wonderful husband and shows me frequently he loves me....rather than on ONE day of the year ! 
(Please don't hate me for my lack of V-Day love...I have always been this way.)
Unlike most couples we spent our V-Day at SPIN CLASS working our butts off!  
looking good after working out at the gym...ha
❤❤I am loving my sweet ROOM MOM at school!  She worked so hard to make our
class Valentine's Day party wonderful.  She created these SUPER CUTE CARDS for the kids to take home to their parents.
 (On the inside was a sweet poem!)
Please disregard that my hair is a was Friday! 
Of course on the kiddos cards it had a picture of them!  HOW CUTE ARE THESE!!

❤❤Finally, as if I hadn't already mentioned it like 2 other times on this post alone....I am loving my sweet wonderful husband!  He makes me smile no matter what!!

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Amber said...

I love that you guys spent v-day spinning! So un-traditional and I LOVE it! :)