Friday, February 04, 2011


Our snowy front yard....please ignore the trash (that was suppose to be Tuesday)
we actually have S-N-O-W to enjoy!  I mean the last 3 days have been all ICE, but now on day 4 let there be SNOW.  Yippee!!  I HEART snow like cRaZy!!  Snow is my favorite, however I like the wet snow so you can build super amazing snowmen.  This snow was "forecasted" to be only a "light dusting." HA HA HA, we are talking 4-5 inches around us.  That's some DUSTING if you ask me.  Needless to say we have many things to do regardless to this snowy day.

First it started with sweet WINSTON heading to the puppy spa!  I booked his appointment way before this ice mess began.  Now we who live on a slight hill...know what it is like out!
the large snowy/icy hill from the top

Chris' snow angel!

pretty nice looking angel
The sun...trying to peek in!  

Therefore we mapped out the best route to his puppy salon.  Thankfully when I booked the appointment I went with the neighborhood spa.  However, it sits on the TOP of a HILL!! Yikes! Therefore a little creative driving and walking was put into play.  We drove to the closest point then well...WALKED from there! Winston LOVES the snow so he was in puppy heaven to walk the hill.  It was a good choice as we slipped just walking on the snow covered ice.  Once he was dropped of, we just kept our little truck up and walked across the street to Starbucks.  That was nice, as we sat and enjoy the HUGE snowflakes falling.  
The car in the back is inches from the main road...but she just parked anyways.
This lady tried to enter the parking lot 2 times.  She kept what do you do?  Well, she parked and walked up, got her order, and headed back to her car.  Now I don't really recommend parking in the driveway entrance...but it worked out for her.  She must have REALLY needed that frapa-whatever! On our walk back to the car I took some pics.  It was nice little stroll around! 

Bob out enjoying her freedom while Winston is away! Plus it is her first time to see the snow! 
Sweet Bob I love her to death!
Thankfully the sun began to peek out and the temp actually warmed up.  This is the warmest it has been all week.  On our trip to pick Winston up the roads were better! Now I just hope this keeps up because tonight is our SUPER BOWL PARTY with BLAKE SHELTON!!  I have already called, and YES the show will go on!  Now its figuring out the best route to take with the least amount of hills covered in ice!  Hope you all are enjoying your Friday as much as we have! 

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Amber said...

Yep, total winter wonderland when you woke up this morning huh? Pretty to look at, I'm just sick of being stuck inside! :-/

And I know what you mean about the trash, our is stacking up too. The guys haven't come by to get it either, HA!