Thursday, February 03, 2011

Life Iced in...

Thank you to MEXICO who is allowing us to use their power!!

Well we are now on DAY 3 of being "iced" in...or what others say as a snow day.  Sorry it is not snow that is keeping our schools shut down...its ICE.  Oh and did I mention the "rolling black outs" that they are now doing.  Yes, randomly you will lose your power.  However, don't worry it wont before long and you will benefit from it!  Ha Ha Ha

Needless to say I have now spent my 3 days of just kicking back and enjoying the heat.  I am a bit sad that of all times I brought home no papers to grade.  I think it was because I stayed late on Monday (the only day we had of school this week) doing that and was well beat down from it.  As you saw from the last post day one was spent downtown playing around.  Last night we spent a lot of our day playing the Wii!  It gets a little completive at times, but all fun here! Today (day 3) I slept in, AHH!  Chris had to leave for a few appointments (so I am a worried mess of course).  Winston and I just caught up on the DVR!  Oh and I got a great LAUGH when my sister told me that "Little Bears school was getting an early dismissal today due to the chance of snow"....ha ha ha so just because the weather person says it may snow they got out of school early!  Of course they are down south of Houston who rarely gets snow...but still funny!

As for tomorrow....well our students already had the day off to attend the Stock Show!  However, it was to be a teacher inservice day.  I guess we will wait and see if they make us attend tomorrow or not.  We are too maybe get snow tonight or tomorrow morning.  Hope the rest of you are having a great week and staying warm!   Oh and there is a pretty cute little video from downtown Fort Worth by the news reporter click here to see it!

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