Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby R's new space

After many months of planning our sweet baby's room, I finally made some decisions.  There were a few challenges in our decision making....our house has very dark brown trim and it is everywhere!  Then I wanted the room to look bigger than it well is! HA! It only took 2 weekends and 2 trips to the store, but we have finished the painting portion of Baby R's room.

Chris and I began the task a weekend before my mom arrived to help us finish.  Mostly because I knew I wanted to do stripes on our walls...and that they take some time!  Thus we thought we would get a jump start by at least painting the base coat on the wall.  Poor Chris I think this was the moment he realized that his "bachelor pad" was officially a family home! Here he is saying GOOD BYE to what he worked so hard to renovate...pre-Emily!
Here is the room before we added any paint!

 Here it is with our first coat on the walls!  It looks so different, but I so far so good!  We lived with the room like this for about a week.  Then mom arrived to help us get those silly stripes up!  I had done much "pintresting" (my own word for it!) looking for the right ideas.  I showed my mom my ideas and away we went!

This guy spent the day out working in the yard with his dad!  He loves bathing in the sun.
Please ignore my's hard to find clothes you don't love and fit in to paint in! 
 Let the good times roll!  Here we are starting our first stripe....then we moved on.  Note to self...older homes make putting stripes on wall a bit challenging!  I think after a few small issues here and there mom and I rocked those dang stripes!
 Okay, this is just a rough picture of the strips...but what do you know, they turned out JUST LIKE I had pictured in my mind! I can't believe how great the room is looking.  You know when you have something in mind but it doesn't work out just right.  Well thankfully this time it is PERFECT!  Mom is a life saver, and the best dang painter around!
After we got most of the painting done we had another LARGE task to do.  Our bed and dress that my parents bought Baby R were in and needed to be picked up.  Seeing as we don't have a truck, I did a little sweet talking to my friends boyfriend.  Chad is the best...he met us at the store and helped Chris carry it all in.  They were hilarious to listen to as they carried in the dresser!  Thanks Chad!

 Since we were still finishing up some touches on the wall the crib and dresser hung out in the living room!  Mom commented that it was a good thing our TV was up high...or we wouldn't be able to see a thing!  HA, they took up any free space we had out there!

What's next, well of course putting the crib together!  I am so grateful to know that Baby Cache loves their product enough to package it really, really, really well!  Chris no so excited since we had to find somewhere for all that packaging to go!

 Winston and Chris did a great job of taking everything out!  The local school will be please that we helped them out with their recycling mission too!

 Baby R's room before any thing is placed in it!  Don't you love Bob's door to the bathroom...that is to keep a certain someone (Winston) from going in and eating all of her food!  The little punk!
 Let the good times we began to put the crib up.  I was very impressed that it only took us about an hour to put it all together.  There was not even a single bad word said, which is very impressive!  I am really pleased with how it all looks.

 Chris telling Winston what they needed to do first.  Winston loves to help put stuff together.  However, I think he was also very confused.  You see he is not normally allowed in this room because it is Bob's room.  Now the door is open and he doesn't know what to do!  He knows we are up to something fishy over here.

Look I know its amazing I even helped put it together...ha ha I always laugh because I look like I do nothing, since I am the picture taker.  The baby will this it's father did it all! 
Here is where we stand today!  We have the bedding on the bed, but that is really it.  I am waiting a while to hang things on  the wall just to make sue the walls are 100% dry.  Plus I still need to figure out storage for our little ones room.

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Cute! Becky is my go-to gal if I'm ever painting stripes!