Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

The Roberts' Clan! 
I love Thanksgiving break for many reasons: 1) I get a week out of school! 2) I get to see my family 3) We get to see Chris' family 4) It is my last holiday to be "allowed" to travel!

This Thanksgiving was just as wonderful as the past.  I always begin with a quick trip to the Big EC!  Brooks and Mom share a birthday every year!  This year Brooks had the cutest Golf party because he was turning FOUR!  I of course didn't get any pics....I seem to be sucking at pictures these days.  However, once Abby blogs I will be sure to show you some!   After a very quick 3 days in EC I flew out to good old FREEZING Minnesota!

Chris and I have gone to Minnesota the last 2 years.  Let me begin this by saying I am not a huge fan of Minnesota at WINTER time....last year it was like below 0 or something awful.  However, this year the "Minnesota powers that be" must have known I the PREGO lady who has no winter coat would be visiting.  Actually the weather man said it was 50 degrees warmer this year than last year! WHOO WHOO!!  Not only was the weather nice, but we had the best fun.  Thanksgiving was a blast.  Chris' parents invited over some close friends....who were a blast!  We had some amazing food and great stories.

Note, picture over load to follow.....

Then to top off our trip we had headed to the club for our annual gingerbread house party.  We love this event!  It is such a blast to sit around and try to be as creative as possible....This year Riley and I worked on one together.  Chris and Steve worked on one together also.  Riley and I had a blast working together as we watched the boys try to create new ideas.  Don't worry Riley and I think our house rocks!
 Here is the house Steve and Chris worked on!

 Here is the one that Riley, Teri, and I worked so hard on! 

 Chris and Steve's front and back of their house! 

 The front and back of our house!  

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