Saturday, November 05, 2011

UPS man...may hate us by now, YIKES!

Our poor UPS man...well I think he is really beginning to dislike our house on his stop.  Let's see in the past 2 weeks he has come to our house um, 12 times.  Yes, that is every day but SUNDAYS!  Wowzers, poor guy.  Therefore me being the nice person I am I wanted to help the poor chap out last Tuesday.

Randomly Chris and I were both home at a normal hour, before 5.  This is rare for Chris not so much for me...but I think it was because we made a dinner date!  Oh I can't remember anything these days how sad.  Anyways, I saw the UPS man stop in front of the house.  Instead of making the man walk up our stairs and deal with our "ferocious barking dog". This is how our conversation played out.

Me: Oh I'll take that so you don't have to deal with him (Winston at door barking)
UPS man: Um well, there are 3 packages and I don't think you can really help.
Me: Well I could carry one maybe?
UPS man: No really they are large and heavy...
Me: oh my really, we just thought it would be Chris' shoes (he ordered some new ones for his birthday)
UPS man: No this is all from a Buy Buy Baby place?

Of course the whole time we are chatting Chris is sitting inside just watching t.v.  I head up the stairs to tell Chris to hold off the ATTACK DOG because the UPS man was coming in.  He is like what, hun???  and takes Winston to the other room!

LOOK at what the UPS man brought us!!  HOLLY COW!

Can you believe all the goodies....Okay, okay, now I'll show you what it really was.   Aka picture over load! 
Isn't this just a cute pic...couldn't resist putting it up here!

 Yippeee it is Baby R's swing! I have been dying for this swing because it is amazing! 

Whoo, Whoo our baby has a place to sleep those first few months...and on vacation! 

 And the most important one, the video monitor!  It is a must, that way I don't stress out at every cry our sweet darling angel will make! HA HA HA

Thank you Robert's family!  You all are over the top! We love you so much!

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