Wednesday, January 20, 2010


the weather that is....I mean what is going on? The weather has been so random lately not just here in DFW area but all around the world. Just yesterday I was sitting at dinner with on of my friends little girls. She looked out the window and noticed that the sky was a bit dark and wind blowing around like crazy. Then she looked at her father and asked, "Daddy are we going to have a tornado tonight?" We all kind of looked at her a bit crazy and said, "NO". That is when I then made a statement I MUST TAKE BACK TONIGHT. "Kat, tornadoes don't normally happen in January it is more of a spring thing."

This morning of course when I woke up, as probably with you too, you heard that Haiti had another after shock....I mean how much can those people take. Thinking to my self really what is going on with this crazy weather. Then today after school I went to get my hair cut ( I HEART KAMERON!!!) and then to happy hour with a friend. When a weather alert comes over the radio and what do you know, "Tornado Warning" I had to stop right then and there and say are you stinking kidding me. I have just lied to a sweet little 8 year old girl....A tornado in January, well sure enough there was a "strong" storm that hit a little east of us. I just am amazed that we can be below freezing for 2 plus weeks, now in the 70s with tornadoes. Wonder what tomorrows weather will bring? Oh and Kat, sorry I was wrong....tornadoes do hit in January.

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