Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wedding Dress and Home Party!!

(My mom made this rock for Chris and I! It is one of the rocks from the spot where Chris proposed to of my favorite Christmas gifts!)

I am so wedding dress is in! My wonderful bridesmaid Julie and best good friend Alison and I took off after school on Thursday to go see it. I was so shocked, because they said it would take at least 13 weeks to get in. Therefore I figured late February for sure, so you can imagine how surprised I was when they called.

I couldn't wait to put on MY ACTUAL DRESS, you know not the stores. I mean since I found the dress the smallest size they had in store was a 10. You can only imagine how many clips it took to look right. Again, why I was so happy to have my correct size 2 dress! I slipped in it on very carefully; and then got all strapped in. AHHHH it was AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and GORGEOUS just as I remembered! The girls loved it too (which is the best part!). Now of course due to my wonderful height I will have to have some alterations...but just a few!

Now Chris and I are currently trying to figure out an amazing location for our HOME TOWN party after the wedding. Since not all our friends and family will be able to attend the wedding in the Dominican, we want to have a small celebration back home. I have come up with a few choices, but Chris is making this a bit hard! Therefore if you live in our area and know a great location I am OPEN for suggestions. We want somewhere:

  • That is pretty without a lot of decorating!

  • Can hold about 100 to 125

  • Great food and adult beverages!!

  • Where we can dance the night away

I really don't think that is TOO much to ask for, right? Okay maybe a bit, but let me know if you have any ideas. The more the I would like to have this narrowed down by the end of the month. The final details are starting to come together, only 167 days til the wedding!

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