Tuesday, January 05, 2010

He has done it....

Just before the holidays I went ahead and put a poll on my side bar. Mostly I put a poll up to see if that would help initiate a certain someone to do their part! Well it worked!! The poll is gone now because Chris has done it! Actually he did it sooner than this blog; but with me being sick starting school and much more I have not gotten to it.

Chris has planned the perfect honeymoon for us! I am so excited! You know it is super fun to be completely jazzed about your beach wedding, but then to add an amazing honeymoon, that is just over the top. After many ideas (some I had to say NO NO NO to) he finally chose the spot. You know I think since I had done majority of the wedding planning this was the easiest thing to do, right? Well after many text and phone calls back and forth he realized I didn't want to really be apart of the whole picking things. Therefore, Chris finally narrowed down the choices to 2 and then listed the amenities for me. (See he does know how I work...tell me what I can get from each place then let me pick!) Finally the decision was made: Sandals Royal Bahamian.

I am very excited about our stay there. We will be staying in the Royal Village Honeymoon Suite. The pictures are just lovely I tell you. I am sure it will that way in person too! Chris is super excited about it too so that is nice. He was a little worried about going from the beach wedding, to a beach honeymoon; but i think he is pass that now! Let's see only 172 days till we say I DO!

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