Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I didn't plan for this.....

Okay I am pretty sure no one in the world was able to plan for what happened today in Haiti, a magnitude 7 earthquake. You never could plan for such a horrific event I guess. However when WEDDING planning you try to think of it all. I mean some were horrified that I would plan a beach side wedding in June, a hurricane month. However, I did some research to find out where hurricanes typically hit. The Dominican Republic is not high on the list of hurricane locations, well the Punta Cana side of DR isn't. Also when we visited the site I did some more research. They did claim that hurricanes were pretty rare in that area.

You can imagine my concern when I came home from school to see the news of the earthquake. I couldn't believe such a thing...all those poor people and their lives destroyed. How tragic this must before them. Then they began reports of the after shocks and possible tsunamis. Oh heavens that is when it occurred to me that the resort is very close to this location. I mean never in my wedding planning did I even think about the idea of an earthquake or tsunami could take out my wedding. I mean heck I thought I had covered it all.

Today was just another day that people, or I , realize that no matter how prepared you are for life it can change in an instant. Yes my wedding will still take place on the beautiful beach I visited in November. Yes, the resort is still standing just as it was when I visited....However, others will be morning loss of not only their belongings, but family, and friends too. These things that happen really make you stand back and think about what is important and if you value it daily. I am thankful that I can still have my dream wedding, but heart broken for the people there. Our prayers will be with the people of Haiti as they have suffered a magnificent loss today!

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