Monday, January 18, 2010

Moving forward hurts!!!

Day one of moving...I was still happy! lol

Or maybe I should just say MOVING, HURTS a lot. Needless to say I have spent my entire 3 day weekend doing something I DISLIKE MOST in life!!! MOVING!!! MOVING!!! MOVING!!! Yes much to my mother dismay, I am posting this post, I am sure to hear about it later...not for the fact that it is about moving, but more about moving into Chris'.

I spent all day and night Saturday at my house putting all things that belong to me in boxes and such. I also spent many moments revisiting wonderful memories. Then was saddened by the fact that my whole life for the past 6 years or so will now live in STORAGE!!! I keep telling Chris how sad this makes me, but he seems to not understand... I will explain why later! After a very busy Saturday night, I headed "home" to grab some shut eye before the big move on Sunday.

Sunday's plan WAS to go grab the moving truck, load up all my belonging, and then head to the storage unit to unload. All this was to be done by about 1 so Chris could grab the end of the Cowboys game. Did you notice how I said WAS?  This is the way our actual day went:

  • 9:00 arrive to rent truck!
  • 10:30 leave with truck (computer systems down, causing us to have a very hard time getting our already rented on line truck)
  • 10:50-12:20ish loading truck with all of my life!
  • 12:30 arrive at storage unit
  • 12:45 realize the unit I purchased on Jan 1st has a lock on it
  • 1:15 new unit give to me, now to unload
  • 1:50ish lunch....then off for one more load
  • 2:10 loading truck with the final stuff
  • 3:00 unload at storage
  • 4:00 unload final thing that I took to Chris' at house
  • 5:00 RETURN the truck
  • 5:45 left truck rental place and headed home
Do you see the many issues that we came across? I mean, I should have know when we had such a hard time renting the truck that morning that things were going to be rough! Not just rough on our bodies, I can't even count the bruises and cuts I have, but rough all around! Poor, sweet, wonderful, amazing Chris made it through the move with only a few dirty words and such! He was a trooper even with all the hold ups.

Now lets discuss the difference between how guys move and us women! I of course LOVE all my things...Chris, he likes his things but would get rid of them and just buy new easily. When I came to terms with moving into Chris' house I had to start fighting my fight for MY things. I mean Chris too has now lived on his own for 6 together we both have fully furnished houses. Thus making moving in together hard. However, I knew I would have to fight for a few of my most loved items. The items I fought for were:

  • my bed: it is much better than his guest bed, but we kept his mattress
  • my dresser that my grandpa redid for in no way fits into the decor of the house, but he is letting me keep it for our next place, so it lives in storage for now only NOW!
  • my other nice came from my mom's good friend's father. I got to bring it to the house!!
  • all my AMAZING RED KITCHEN AID appliances....well this one was easy as he likes to cook
  • my fiesta dishes, these will be the ones we use for everyday eating now and after the wedding
  • of course my clothes and shoes
  • a few picture frames and decorative items too....but not to much because we don't have much room

poor Bob her room has been taken over

and of course I had to bring all of Little Bear's toys to the new house!

Now keep in mind these are only the things I got to take to the HOUSE!!! The rest as you read earlier went to storage for our future home or what ever. This is where Chris finally realized why I am the mess I am I think. At first we were just loading up the major things like beds, couches, washer, and drier and such...then it got to the little things. The 20 questions began here: Why do you need to keep thins? Can't we just buy another one if we need it? How will you use this? Blah, blah, blah. Of course for each item I would have my reason for moving it on to storage. Then he got smart....and the questions changed. As he was carrying out this very cute old step ladder/stool my mom gave me......Okay why is this sentimental to you? What value has this added to your life? Who is this from your mom, grandpa.....? You see this comes from his work back ground I think; the way he changed up his approach as he could see I was a bit defensive. I mean who isn't defensive about someone wanting to throw out all their things, when he has a whole house of his things!!!

Long story short, it hurts me to have to move all my items into a very nice state of the art storage unit! (of course I picked the best for my things) However, I know that one day we will have my things back and can merge them with OUR soon to be new our soon to be new house! As I told Chris yesterday, "When I am sad about my things I will just run over here and sit in my unit for a while." He laughed very hard at that, but knows I will do it! Oh and then today when he wanted me to take a few things to good will...I got the oh but my best friends, mom's, sister may have given that to me so I hate to get rid of it! He thinks he is so funny, but what is funny is guys just see belongs as stuff. Women see them as memories, happiness, and much more! Apartment life is not for me anymore, now to unpack the things I snuck in while Chris was at work today!!!


SabinaSage said...

OOOOO Girl!! I TOTALLY dont blame you! I HATE packing! with a passion! LOL....but Im glad its done and over with huh? Cant wait to see you at work tomorrow!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Kara said...

Moving sucks. I honestly don't think I would move even if I won the lottery.

I had to have my stuff live in a storage unit between law school and getting my first job. I went and visited it in the storage unit. Having your stuff in storage is no fun.

Abby said...

If you won the lottery you would totally still move. You would just hire a company to move you in and unpack you!!