Friday, January 01, 2010


or to those of you who are not me, 2010! I am considering this wedding year in my book not just 2010!! You know looking back everyone has to decided if the past year was a good one, just okay one, or blah one! I look back and think of the many things that made my year. I think it was a great start, rough in the middle, but finished STRONG!!!

Let's see it is hard to decided where the "year" starts for me...unlike the rest of the world I really consider my life to revolve on a SCHOOL YEAR calendar.  Well the great start to my year was that I DID get to keep my JOB for another year. I was not going to be booted out for not speaking Spanish. Best yet I even got to stay in my own classroom. That really is a miracle for me, thus I have changed rooms 4 times in my 5 years of teaching now. Also Chris and I started began the year by adding to our family.  That's right our sweet little boy Winston.  He has brought us many ups and downs...but mostly ups!  We have really enjoyed training and loving on this little guy more than anything.  The only down fall is that um, Bob...she is not a fan of Winston.  Bob's 2010 resolution is to live in a house with a barking dog and not hide all day! (but that is for another post and day)

The rough part of my year pertained to my grandfather. The down fall began when I had to rush home to help my mother with him. He was simply not listening to anyone; and well if he disliked some one I wanted it to be me rather than his own daughter who takes care of him. Therefore I guess I am the one who began his trip to heaven by asking him to move in with my grandmother at her nursing home. He was very much against this idea, but knew he deep down that it was the only thing. His at home care lady no longer could do him justice, and he was getting hurt still. Therefore away he went, very angry and upset but at least we knew he was safe. Soon after that mom informed us that grandpa was not well. Luckily we were able to spend his last few days with him before he passed. Thus making this the rough part of my year. After much love and support we have managed to now celebrate many things knowing he is up in heaven looking down on us!! I am sure he is over joyed and the next thing I shall write about.

The STRONG FINISH to my year.....of course it has to do with an amazing man, friends, and family. My year ended with a bang when Christopher asked me to become his wife. He had only heard from both my grandparents a couple of times, "well are you going to marry her?" (Therefore I am sure grandpa would be pleased to know that he is, and grandma just thinks Chris is handsome!) Chris made my dream come true by asking me to marry him, but also by allowing me to celebrate it with those I love most. He arranged the most amazing proposal ever (click here to read)....having my family waiting at the dinner table only moments after asking me the question. I had no idea any of this was to happen, and still today tell him how amazed I am! I love that he cares enough about me to make sure that moment was shared appropriately. I also love that even when I don't think he is listen to what I have to say, I now know he is!

Yes there were many other amazing things that were accomplished this year, but these three were the highlights. Here is to my wedding year! I hope it ends with an even larger bang than this one did...kind of hard to top a proposal, unless your having your dream wedding on the BEACH!!

I hope that you all have had some amazing ups to help out with the few downs that everyone faces in life. I know that 2010 will allow you each a chance to re-do or begin new things. Here are a few for me:

  • to simply lose a few extra pounds before I subject my self to all my wedding guest on the beach for a week.
  • to laugh every day (not hard with 6 year olds around)
  • to not be as hard headed on things (mostly for Chris' sake)
  • to enjoy every moment and make millions of memories
  • to love those around me no matter what has happened in the past



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