Sunday, January 03, 2010

SEARS....Life well spent!

or so that is there motto! Okay first I need to begin this with, have you recently visited Sears? I personally dislike shopping, mostly because I am no good at it. I mean if it is not from Target then I really hardly go there. Therefore, Sears is not really on the TOP of my shopping list or on it at all really. I mean as a kid we would go there for electronics and appliances but that is about it.

Yesterday, Chris and I had a new awaking with SEARS!!! We had planned to run in and do a quick little registry for Chris. I mean you know he needs to get some fun tools and such on our wedding list, and he thought Sears would be a good choice. As we pull up to the mall we realize that EVERYONE in Fort Worth must be at the mall. It was a mad house and parking was few and far from where you wanted to be. Thanks to Chris' parking karma we got a nice little spot next to Sear. Once we walk in I tell Chris we should probably go to the home living section to find the "WEDDING REGISTRY". Walking, walking, walking, walking...we have done 2 circles at this point and still have not seen a sign or person to talk to about this. Finally I just randomly walk up to this older lady at the check out and ask, "We would like to start a wedding registry, where should we go?" That is when the lady (who had very few front teeth and what she did have were black) pointed down the aisle. Keep in mind this is an aisle with bedding and pillows on it to a random computer shoved in between all the merchandise. The lady said, "just go over there and do it." I look at Chris (who has done a good job of keeping calm, until now) he said, "No we want to start one and go around and click on things". The lady then says, "yes go to the computer and set it up". Once we had made our registry log in and such we were apparently ready to go.

I hand the lady our paper with our registry number, for her to then ask for my ID! I think to my self, "WHY?" Does she not believe that it is me who wants to register for these wonderful things? Do they often have people come spent their precious time picking things out for fake registries? Oh no that is not the case in fact she needs my ID so that I can use the scanner. That's right people they must have a high theft of scanners from their registry area (which is the hidden computer). After about 40 minutes of just trying to get the scanner we were off to point and shoot! This store was not for me at all so I just followed Chris and clicked on what ever tool he wanted. You know he has been the clicker at all the others...its was my turn, plus they had my ID! As I followed Chris I soon realized that Sears is an interesting place. It was by far our most interesting registry experience ever. All the other stores have it so together and ready to go! Then when we finished up I walked back over to our helper lady...handed her the scanner to get my ID back. Then she said okay bye. That was it!! Wow all I can say is WOW for our whole experience with Sears.


Gouldsmith5 said...

Knowing your luck she probably erased the scanner and you will have to relive this experience again! LOL

Kara said...

If you read my early December post, then you know that I will NOT be going to Sears to buy you a gift!

You should have gone to Home Depot to register for tools and left that horrible store out of the mix