Thursday, January 28, 2010


Winston, Chris, and I have been busy busy busy....we are getting ready for some fun visitors! Chris' mom and little sister are coming to town. YIPPEE!!! I personally have not seen either of them since May, so I am really jazzed. I am sure Miss R has grow at least a foot. Plus also I have not gotten to show off my new bling bling to Chris' mom.

Chris is so cute, he has been planning our weekend for a week now. Tonight and tomorrow they will be helping Chris' other little sister Whitney move apartments. However, we get them from Friday afternoon on. Winston knows something is up since I have been frantically opening and unpacking boxes from the move. He loves to play with Miss R, they are the best of friends. Plus she wears him out like crazy mad, which make Chris and I pleased. I am going to try my best to take some great pictures with my new camera of Miss R, Chris, and his mom while they are here. I just feel a little bad for them since they are traveling all the way from Minnesota for warm weather, which we can not offer!

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