Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rocking it at the FWSM!!

Well Chris and I have been watching the Fort Worth Science Museum as it began its remodel. We kinda of have been needing a good reason to go and visit. This weekend was our chance as we had Miss R and his mom visiting. Our choices for the weekends events were to go to the museum or the stock show. I can honestly say I was pleased with R's choice. It was very cold here...and the stock show didn't sound warm to me.

The new museum is AMAZING! When Abby and the kids lived here we went all the time. E use to love playing down stairs in the grocery store and water area! WOW oh WOW has that area changed. It is now much lager and the water area is now outside, which makes better sense! Since it is freezing cold here the water and Dino dig were closed. No worries though we had plenty to do anyhow. There is a whole new kids area with different rooms that cater to new inventions and fun crafts that the kids really loved. One of the favorites is an area were you create a coffee filter into a flying thing. Then you put it into an air tube and watch it fly away.

We also got to make our own kazoo...because after all yesterday was national kazoo day!  There are so many new fun things to do there. We were there about 3 hours and probably could have stayed longer.

R making her kazoo
Teri, Chris, and R
We made the best kazoos ever

I personally love the new CSI exhibit, you go around and try to solve the case! If you live in the area and have not been to the newly remodeled museum I really recommend that you go. Oh I kind of recommend that you wait til after the stock show, as parking is out of control. If you need a friend to join you, I will be glad to come (Chris and I are now members!). We felt it would be best since we have so many small people that visit!
I think this is the sweetest thing....holding her brothers hand!
can you tell I loved using my new camera too....

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