Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy Mondays...

The view of how Mr. FedEx placed sweet!

are Mondays that have wonderful goodies at your door.  I mean I thought we would get wedding goodies every once and awhile.  Little did I know that it would be every other day!! We (okay me mostly) love coming home to find presents on our door step. Today was super fun....there were 2 large boxes.  The sweetest part was that our FedEx man is super nice.  He placed the boxes between our wooden door and glass door.  He did not want them to get soaked by the pop up thunderstorm we had.  Really isn't that nice!!  Of course I had to sit and stare at the two boxes till Chris got home (any nice fiancé would do this, right?)

Once Chris got home I jumped right on opening it up...I couldn't imagine what it could be so large, but skinny.  Then I was OVERJOYED!!!  I know you all may think it is silly to be so excited; but I have really been wanting this.  It was our new R front door mat!!!
of course Winston had to be a part too...

Chris was super jazzed too....yes its the little things that make us happy over here.  We have been so blessed to receive such wonderful gifts.  Really each of you are too kind to us!!  Thank you so much for everything!!! I know saying it (aka blogging about it) really doesn't show how thankful we are...but Thank you!!!

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