Sunday, May 09, 2010

To Do List (a few more checked off)

For some of you, you know my weekend started a little earlier than normal.  I had a small procedure that had to be done on Thursday, therefore causing me to take off 2 days of work.  I had originally wanted to wait till school was over for this; but some changes arose and it had to be done much sooner!  Thankfully my mom was coming to town for Mother's Day weekend!  She was able to come a bit sooner and be with me on Thursday too...which was very, very, very much a blessing.  I mean sure Chris could have taken care of me; but some things can't be replaced!  I loved having my mom.  You know like when you were a kid and you had a fever...she would always feel your head with her palm, then give you a kiss on the forehead!  Those kind of things are not replaceable!!!

After my 2 1/2 days of mandatory rest!!! Mom, Chris, and I set out to accomplish a few easy wedding task.  The first task that we completed was CHRIS' WEDDING RING!!!  That's right folks we have finally bought his ring (only 47 days till the wedding).  He has gone back and forth on so many it was hard; but I really believe he loves the one we picked.  After picking out a ring, mom and I set off for some MOB shopping!!  We needed to get mom a dress for the wedding and a few for the weeks events.  You know mom and I we kind of dislike shopping, but together we can accomplish much more.  We found the perfect MOB wedding dress, it is very beautiful.  Also we got her a few dresses for dinner and some other odds and ends.  Of course I had to pick up some things too!!  You know I don't know what my excuse will be for shopping after the wedding....right now it is so easy to tell Chris, "oh this is for the wedding week."  Once we did our shopping we all took a much needed we got pedicures!  I of course had to treat mom to something sweet for Mother's Day!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and spoiled their moms a little too!  Back to work tomorrow....yikes only 19 more days till summer.

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