Monday, May 24, 2010

She wants to what?

Thursday I was pretty happy since I had such a wonderful interview.  I mean at least I gave it my all.  That day at school we had FIELD DAY which was a BLAST!!  My kiddos were so excited.  They all did such an amazing job at there events.  I love watching the joy on their face when they win a ribbon.  Everyone showed amazing sportsmanship too!  I think this is my first year that no one cried because they didn't get a ribbon! Yippeeeee my sportsmanship chat worked!!

After field day I headed out with a few other teachers to cool off and catch up.  We had fun chit chatting!  Then from there I headed to my normal, TENNIS!  While we were all eating I happened to check my email.  I think I was searching for something about this weekends match.  I noticed that I had another email from the principal of the school I interviewed with.  She was so kind and said that the teachers really enjoyed meeting me.  However, since she was unable to meet with me could she come to my classroom on Friday and observe!

STRESS!!!!! I am now at a 10 out of 10 on STRESS!!!!

She wants to come watch me teach, the day after field day!  Not to mention a week full of testing!!!!  Oh my oh my, was I freaking out.  I immediately responded with YES, please come any time!  I mean heck come on by if that will help me get a new job.  She then replied back stating that they would be there  about 9:30 a.m.

NO SLEEPING was had on Thursday night.  I mean I tried and tried and tried to sleep but couldn't.  I was so nervous about the observation.  I know it seems silly to be nervous, we have people observing all the time.  I mean at least once a week someone is in my room checking things out! Finally at 5 a.m. I couldn't take it anymore!  I just got up, got ready, and headed to school.  I mean heck I could at least tidy up my room a bit rather than sit here and not sleep.

9:15 a.m rolled around and we were steady going...reading and such.  Then the principal from the other school rolled in.  She also brought the math coach with her!  They sat at my teacher table and just watched as we continued on with our lesson.  The end of the lesson was a group vocabulary activity that the kids just love.  My kids love working in groups and creating things.  Once the kids were busy and on task I simply chatting for a second with the principal.  She was very kind, and asked if she could call me after school.  Of course, call me any time!!!

The rest of the day I wondered if that would be a good call or not.  Of course everyone was telling me I was crazy and it would be fine.  However, you know how it is to get your hopes up and then be crushed.  I didn't want to do that.  After school I had to run home and get ready for tennis.  We had our first playoff match  starting at 7.  Of course every time my phone rang my heart stopped.  Then when it was someone I knew I was like...ahhhh.

Around 4:30 I received THE CALL!  Again she was very nice.  She told me thanks for letting her come today and watch our class in action.  I told her really she is welcome anytime.  From there she proceeded to speak about how the teachers really enjoyed meeting me.  She knew that I was a very dedicated teacher from the looks of today.  Then asked me if I would like to join their team! YES of course I would (much jumping up and down and trying to act collected).  I could not believe it, I have a new job at a new school.  The new school is really wonderful and the teachers there seem very close.  That makes it even more fun to join such a positive team.  Next year I will no longer be a leopard but now a BEE!!!


Kara said...

congrats! thankfully, your job search was a short and (fairly) painless process!

BubbaBack said...

Congrtulations Emily! Lots of new beginnings this year!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Sounds like it all went so smoothly! What grade will you be teaching?