Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Contreras Wedding Shower!!

My team and I 

My wonderful First Grade Team hosted a wedding shower for me today!  They are so sweet....I knew they were working hard on it for the past 2 weeks.  I only know this because I would randomly be the only one in the copy room at planning, it was like they all disappeared!  If you know me I am not much for sitting around and letting others do it was killing me that I couldn't help out in some way.  I mean I hate to not help if I can.  However, they were wonderful!

They took my whole destination wedding theme and transformed our school library!  It really was too much...I mean I never expected such an amazing shower.  Well I knew it would be good because my team does things 100% always.   They even had pool lounge chairs brought in for Chris and I to sit and relax in.  I know I keep saying this but is was too CUTE!!  Oh and the food, man the food was wonderful.  The girls even made me some cute little flower coconut shells to wear with a "grass" skirt!  I know Chris and I were very thankful for everything that they did for us; and I believe the whole faculty enjoyed the shower.  Thank you isn't enough but THANKS FIRST GRADE. YOU ROCK!!!  We got many lovely gifts.  Chris couldn't believe all the goodies we brought home. Once we got home and were walking the dog he kept commenting on how super that shower was.

Here are a few of the many pictures:

Did I mention that I LOVED the cake, too!!!
The girls getting all the food ready to go...what a spread.
Chris and I chill'n
We had a great system; I read the cards, he opened the gift!
Cutting the CAKE! I hated to cut it because it is was so cute.
and here we are after it...back to my normal clothes! 


Kara said...

looks like fun

Anonymous said...

They did go all out! Glad you had a great shower!