Friday, May 28, 2010


my engagement ring with his band

Okay I guess we are really almost 100 percent ready for this BIG wedding day!  Chris' wedding band came in earlier last week. (I know I am bad for not blogging know 5 days of school left, packing up a classroom....a little busy to say the least)

Chris has been very picky about his ring.  I think it is kind of funny because he did such an out of this world job at picking mine out.  We looked at many rings together.  Plus he would look on his down time between appointments.  Still he wanted something simple, traditional, and sleek.  He finally FOUND the ONE!!! I really like it but most importantly he LOVES it.  Place a check next to RINGS please!!!

His is yellow gold with white gold on the inside...perfect as Chris would say.

Let's see this weekends task:

  • Print up Encore Party invites
  • Print up TO DO's for the welcome bags
  • Pack the welcome bag goodies into a suitcase
  • Begin packing my 2 weeks of beach gear
  • Send all my bridesmaids a helpful packing list
  • Up-date the wedding website 
Hummmm....I think that is about enough for one weekend!  Oh and did I mention clean up and move an entire classroom by next FRIDAY!!!  YIKES! 5 more days of school, 27 days till the wedding.  Can you freeze the clock for a moment for me? 


Anonymous said...

Love the rings!

Abby said...

how's it going with the list?