Friday, May 14, 2010

Changes....not one I really wanted this year!

For those of you who have followed me for a while or those of you that just know how crazy my life you can follow this!!!  Well it has come...the CHANGE I 100% didn't want this year.  I mean heck a girl can only take on so many changes in a year.  First of all I got engaged (a change I LOVE LOVE LOVE), next I moved (a change you hate at the moment but love in the long run), and now..................MY JOB!!!

Yes, it is true all the years that my school has been "saving me" have come to an end.  Why?  Well to put it bluntly, I ONLY speak ENGLISH!!  That's right, they have no need for me at my school next year, even after 5 years there!  FWISD is taking on "duel language" and putting Spanish classrooms in all Hispanic schools, so I am out of luck.  I have known the last 3 years that it was only a matter of time until I would be SURPLUSED (teacher word for transferred).  Looks like even if I am not ready, I WILL be moving.  The question is where??? As of today I have no idea, but I have a few leads for some schools that have openings.  Hopefully one of those will pan out and I wont be sitting here August 24th still wondering.

If you hear of any good schools (in the dfw area) who need a teacher let me know!!!  I am VERY open at this point; not like I have a choice right?  Now I am off to pack up boxes (I HATE MOVING) and place my whole classroom in storage!  I mean heck my whole apartment is in there already, what's a bit more.  I mean its not like I should be putting FINAL touches on a wedding or anything.  It is only 43 days away, why not squeeze in job hunting too!  HA, all I can do is laugh!!


Shanna said...

So sorry to hear this. I hope you can laugh and view it as an opportunity! How stressful! I hope finding a job won't be too difficult! What grades can you teach?

Emilymud said...

Shanna you are so sweet. I am EC-4 certified. I also have ESL and GT, to bad not Spanish. Ha. In non teacher lingo that means I can teach pre k through 4th grade. In my happy world I would stick below 2nd. Not that I have that choice, but dreaming is okay! Enjoy your weekend.